Solution & Service

What do we analyze?

  • Risk
  • MPR Comm.
  • Competitor
  • Industry Society
  • Consumer
Social Politics / Corporate Culture / Management Issue/ Brand Reputation / Fair Trade
"How donegative articles diffuse?"
"What about business reputationin online?"
"How different are diffusion status of press and public opinion?"
"What are risk factorsabout reputation?"
"Who areinfluencersleading diffusion of issues?"
Platform catching warning signals in real-time and process reporting diffusion status and route should need.

What do we need?

  • Data
    We provide real-time & past social Big Data excluding Garbage Data from domestic maximum range of online crawling channels.
  • Platform
    We provide highly accurate analytical solutions combining analytic service and customized real-time online monitoring system by customers.
  • Reporting
    We provide regularly analytic report service and real-time alarm service for quickly catching negative issues and fast response.
  • Consulting
    Consultants having industry knowledge and professionalism provide deeply analyzed service about brand, market trend, online risk and etc.
  • Digital Marketing
    We implement effective digital marketing based on insight from online Big Data analysis.
Customized Selection Essential Service Selection by Clients
System & Service

How do we utilize?

Reputation Analysis
Analyzing positive&negative tendency and associated keywords for companies and organizations is utilized communication strategy establishment for image enhancement.
Public Opinion Analysis
Analyzing discussions that people freely express and communicate in online and social sites is utilized understanding awareness and opinion about personal interests.
Brand Analysis
Analyzing awareness, sentiment, associated keywords and etc. about our and competitive brand is utilized brand positioning strategy establishment.
Crisis Management
Catching dangerous and negative issues early and analyzing diffusion are utilized fast and effective crisis issue response strategy establishment.
Marketing analysis
Analyzing marketing factor(4P:Product, Price, Place, Promotion)about public opinion is utilized marketing strategy establishment and performance assessment.
Competitor Analysis
Current status within same industries understand through mentioned share analysis by brands and comparative advantage establishes through strength and weakness analysis.
Product Analysis
Analyzing consumers’ key buying factor mentioned in online is utilized product enhancement and new product development.
It can be used in a variety of fields, such as collecting public opinion about policy, understanding psychology of investor and understanding market trends in real-time.